Neuro Conditions

Neurological conditions

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Use neuronetwork to search for services and supports for the following neurological conditions grouped under a number of categories:

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR USERS OF THE SITE: When you select a service for a specific neurological condition, the service listing for each service provider includes a field which will tell you the related conditions and subtypes that are covered by that service provider.



Voluntary sector organisations provide a wide range of specialised services and supports focused on every aspect of living with a neurological condition. Services are designed to support people at each key stage in their condition, as well as in adapting to their changing needs over time. Voluntary organisations aim to put the person and their family at the centre of their own care by working with them to identify their own requirements and preferences.

  • Information/Advice
    Specialist information and advice on condition-specific education and management, accessing neurological care services, accessing community supports, coping with symptoms etc.

  • Case Management
    One to one support linking the person to a range of specialised or general health, social and other services including referral coordination and liaison.

  • Personal Support/Advocacy
    Individual Advocacy, assisting and empowering people to access the support, entitlements and services they require. Individual support around all aspects of living with a neurological condition.

  • Community Living Support
    Services to promote social inclusion and mainstream community participation, .e.g. Rehabilitation assistants, Community outreach, Sports inclusion, Community Integration/Reintegration and Support groups or Peer support groups etc.

  • Daily Living Support
    e. g. Personal Assistants, Assistive Technology, Aids and Appliances, Domestic Assistance, Personal Transport, Home maintenance and etc.

  • Family/Carer Support
    Assisting families and carers with all aspects of living with a person with a neurological condition including condition management, coping with physical, intellectual and personality change, coping skills, accessing supports etc.

  • Training/Vocational/Employment Support
    Specialised training or vocational services adapted to the needs of people with neurological conditions, including Rehabilitative Training, Skills retraining, Employment or supported employment access etc.

  • Residential Care
    Accommodation and care for people with neurological conditions

  • Assisted/Supported/Transitional Living
    Accommodation services with a level of support designed to assist the individual and their family towards independent living in the community.

  • Residential Rehabilitation
    Rehabilitation provided in a residential setting with staff specialised in working with people with neurological conditions.

  • Centre Based Rehabilitation
    Rehabilitation in a day hospital or specialist day centre with staff specialised in working with people with neurological conditions.

  • Home or Community Based Rehabilitation
    Specialist rehabilitation provided as close to the person’s own home or community environment as possible.

  • Respite
    Temporary home or centre based respite care for people with neurological conditions.

  • Psychological Support/Counselling
    Professional support aimed at working with the individual and their family around the impact of the condition on all aspects of their lives. This can include neuropsychological assessment and intervention, psychological support, coping skills, advice and one to one and group counselling.

  • Self Management
    Self management supports assist people with neurological conditions to maintain their health and well being and manage their own care needs. This includes information guides, support groups, training and information days, peer to peer and individualised support

  • Training and Support for Health Professionals
    Training and support for individual health professionals in the management of specific neurological conditions

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