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Over 700,000 people in Ireland live with neurological conditions affecting the brain and spinal cord. These range from common conditions such as stroke, migraine, epilepsy, acquired brain injury and multiple sclerosis to rare and genetic disorders.

Neurological conditions can impact on every aspect of a person's life and those of their family.

Voluntary organisations have been at the forefront in Ireland in developing specialised supports for people with neurological conditions and their families. Working closely with staff across the health services, these organisations aim to deliver a range of flexible, person centred services focused on every aspect of living with a neurological condition.

Neuronetwork has been developed by these organisations as a unique tool to assist all those working with people with neurological conditions, as well as service users and their families, to access information on these supports and services in one central point. The site has been developed in close consultation with potential users to ensure that the information is provided in a way that meets their needs.

Neuronetwork is one outcome of an ongoing project by the Neurological Alliance of Ireland and the Disability Federation of Ireland, working with member groups, to examine how voluntary organisations can support and train healthcare staff working with people with neurological conditions and their families.

Voluntary organisations are essential to the framework of neurological care in this country through:

  1. providing specialist information and advice to people with neurological conditions and their families
  2. training and supporting healthcare staff in the identification and management of neurological conditions
  3. providing home and community services
  4. providing community rehabilitation services
  5. developing the role of clinical specialists in neurological care
  6. acting as consultative partners in developing responses to the management of neurological conditions
  7. facilitating access to the health services for people with complex long term care needs
  8. supporting self management of neurological conditions
  9. promoting, commissioning and supporting research into neurological conditions
  10. developing and supporting innovation within the health services


The Neurological Alliance of Ireland is the national representative umbrella for voluntary organisations working with people with neurological conditions and their families. The NAI aims to promote the development of services and supports for people with neurological conditions through:

  • contributing to policy development in relation to the needs of people with neurological conditions
  • media and awareness campaigns highlighting the impact of neurological conditions and ongoing gaps in neurological care services
  • supporting and strengthening the work of non statutory organisations
  • providing a forum for consultation with non statutory organisations to inform service design and delivery


The Disability Federation of Ireland is the National Umbrella organisation for disability organisations. DFI represents and supports voluntary disability organisations and groups including very many neurological organisations.

Allied to this DFI works with and supports organisations and groups around the country. These organisations come mainly from the statutory and voluntary sectors and show a significant and growing disability interest.

DFI covers all areas of disability and disabling conditions.

DFI provides

  • Information
  • Training and Support
  • Organisation and Management development
  • Research and Policy Development
  • Advocacy and Representation
  • Networking
  • Regional Support
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