Welcome to Neuronetwork, a pioneering website that is an ultimate guide to all the services provided by non statutory neurological organisations.

Neuronetwork is a one stop central location for all the services, supports, events, publications and profiles of over 30 neurological non statutory organisations nationwide. Working closely with staff across the health services, these organisations aim to deliver a range of flexible, person centred services focused on every aspect of living with a neurological condition.


Neuronetwork is the outcome of an ongoing project to examine how voluntary organisations can support and train healthcare staff working with people with neurological conditions and their families. The site was developed by two umbrella organisations, the Neurological Alliance of Ireland (NAI) and the Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI). Click on their logos to go directly to their websites and get more information about these umbrella organisations. NAI and DFI worked in close consultation with potential users of the website, to ensure that the information is provided in a way that suits their needs.


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